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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And Aharon Was Silent

Today marks another tragedy for Israel, for Jews everywhere and for humanity.

My personal request to those of you who feel that Israel's settlement over the Green Line or Israel's treatment of Palestinians should be brought up in the context of these murders: Don't make that link today. Not today and not during the shiva.

If you feel that the government has not done enough to prevent terror, that 'the job isn't finished' and you want to link the lack of further violence by Israel to perpetrators and potential perpetrators: Again, don't make that link today. Not today and not during the shiva.

Whether you are Jewish or non-Jewish, Israeli or otherwise and you feel your particular political point of view contains the solution to all our ills here, recognize that this is a time of mourning, not a time of pointing fingers. Your discussion will resume, willy nilly. But show your humanity and do not preach now. Do not blame now.

Whether you are religious or not, learn from Aharon the High Priest and brother of Moshe who, upon witnessing his sons struck down before him reacted by remaining silent.

The wise will understand.

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